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What is the Clickdeck system?

– An aluminium subframe system used to support decking, pavers and other surfaces

What can support the Clickdeck system?

– Exolux adjustable pedestal system or Posts :(Timber,Steel, Aluminium) Ground screws, Shorefoot

Who can build Clickdeck?

– Depending on the actual job difficulty/Requirements. DIY, Carpenters, Builders, ect.

Lowest height?

– 30mm , Which is the 28mm profle with a 2mm packer under for water flow.

BAL Rating?

– Clickdeck can be used in BAL projects up to FZ when supported by Aluminium/Steel posts.


– Clickdeck frame system has been certified for use Australia wide with engineering certifications such as FORM126, Form15. Let us know if you require these certificates (no additional cost)
If requiring a site specific engineering certifications eg. Footing design – We can organise this (Additional cost)

Council Permits?

– Depending on the scale of the project and the local council requirements.
– In some instances, as Clickdeck is a modular removable structure is can be deemed as “Temporary” so it is perfect
for building over easements or in rental properties.



– Depending on the location of the project, Clickdeck will be delivered from your closest store.
We have a Australia wide distribution set-up. So we will always be able to service your project.


– We have an extensive installer network. Please reach out if you need us to put you intouch with a registered installer

How do you charge for the aluminium profiles?

– Our aluminium profiles are in standard lengths of 2400mm,3600mm,4800mm,6000mm. We charge per 1200mm unit – Eg 1x Length of 4800mm = 4 Units

“Standard length service”

– We provide the aluminium joist/bearers in the closest 1200mm increment to what you need, eg Your deck is 5800mm Long x 4600mm deep So we will give you 6000mm long bearers and 4800mm long joists.
This way you will always have more material to adjust onsite for un-forseen situations.

“Make a kit service”

– We offer a service where we cut all the aluminium joists / bearers and have them labelled for your easy installation.

“Design drawings”

– We offer a complimentary design drawing service for both “Standard length and Make a kit service” , You will recieve a very easy to follow colour coded layout showing where all the parts need to go and where all the deck supports are located.

Is CLICKDECK Expensive?

– Clickdeck is the most afforable and cost effective metal frame on the market