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Calculate Your Deck Cost

Cost to Build a Deck

Before embarking on any decking project, you need to have a clear idea of the deck cost. With our online deck calculator you can create a quick and accurate cost estimate for your project.

Whether it’s for a DIY deck or a commercial project, our online estimator will provide a clear breakdown of all the components you need, as well as individual costs for each piece. To create an estimate, simply make a line drawing for your deck dimensions in our deck cost estimator. Add the joint spacing, bearer span and joist span, and proceed with the estimate.

Once you have the dimensions you can proceed to the joist/bearer options and the deck support options.

Standard Lengths

We supply the aluminium joists and bearers in standard sizes of 2.4m, 3.6m, 4.8m or 6m lengths. For lengths above 6m, joiners are provided to extend the standard lengths. Aluminium joists and bearers are easy to cut to custom lengths with standard tools.

Using standard lengths is a great option to allow for flexibility for your project. It ensures you always have enough material on hand and allows for unforeseen changes to the project.

We provide an easy colour coded drawing and plan to show where all the lengths are located and the locations of each deck support.  

Make a Kit

For a small additional cost, we can cut and label each of the aluminium joists and bearers as per your measurements. This is the DIY friendly option that eliminates the need for any measuring or cutting and allows you to build the structure only using a standard drill.

Don’t Forget the Cost of the Boards

Once you’ve determined the cost of the ClickDeck support structure, you will need to factor in the cost of the deckboards you’re using. Bear in mind that the price of decking materials can vary depending on the product you’re using. Composite or plastic eco decking products, like Ekodeck and ModWood, will be a little more expensive than basic softwoods, but they will last longer with much lower maintenance requirements.

Premium quality timber decking, like merbau, will tend to command higher prices but will be incredibly durable and will look amazing.

Free Design Services

If you need some help with your design, we provide free design services. Simply send us a sketch via email at Please include deck dimensions and height and help us create an accurate preliminary design. For further information about how to build a deck, check out our resources page.