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Online Deck Calculator

Embarking on a decking project requires a clear understanding of the associated costs. Use our online deck calculator to generate a swift and precise cost estimate for your endeavor, whether it’s a DIY project or a commercial undertaking.

With our online deck calculator you can get a comprehensive breakdown of all necessary components and individual costs per item.

To get your estimate, simply create a line drawing outlining the dimensions of your deck in the online deck calculator, incorporating joint spacing, bearer span, and joist span. After establishing the dimensions, proceed to explore joist/bearer and deck support options.

Our aluminum joists and bearers come in standard lengths of 2.4m, 3.6m, 4.8m, or 6m, with joiners available for lengths beyond 6m. You can easily cut and customize lengths with standard power tools.

Once our calculator has established the materials required, you can choose either standard lengths or opt for a pre-cut kit.

Standard lengths provide project flexibility, ensuring ample material and accommodating unforeseen changes. A color-coded drawing illustrates the location of each length and deck support.

For added convenience, we offer a kit option, wherein aluminum joists and bearers are precut and labeled according to your measurements, eliminating the need for measuring or cutting.

DIY Decking

If you’re planning a DIY deck project, all ClickDeck packages come with colour-coded instructions that outline how to build your deck and make installation a breeze.

Please note that the deck cost calculator will only determine the cost of the ClickDeck subfloor structure. It does not include prices for the decking boards or the labour required for deck building. It’s worth noting that composite or plastic decking, like ModWood or Ekodeck, or premium timber, like Merbau decking, will lead to a higher overall cost than more budget options like treated pine timber decking.

Free Design Services

To take advantage of our free design services, you can use our online enquiry. Simply send us a sketch with the perimeter dimensions, estimated decking height and the deckboard direction and we will provide you with accurate preliminary designs.